Nakid Earth Foundation is a 501 C (3) non-profit supporting the advancement of sustainability with a focus on the expansion of healthy regenerative farming practices, ecological awareness, renewable energies innovative technologies that will improve the living conditions throughout American and the world.

Nakid Earth is raising awareness and financial resources to support select organizations who are making a difference for our planet’s future.

Meet Our Board Members



After graduating from University of Southern California, Robin spent 4 years working for Anheuser Busch where she created and promoted unique advertising campaigns.  She then worked in film/TV for companies including CNN, MTV, Universal Studios, Cinniville.  Soon after, she became a writer/director/producer for feature films before moving to Maui Hawaii where she became passionate about the environment and solutions for a more sustainable planet.  She is a member of Hawaii Farmers Union United, and Women in Film.



From Dublin Ireland, David toured the world as a recording artist in the 90’s, and settled in Southern California where he performed as a musician while simultaneously producing music festivals. In 2000 David’s passion towards the environment led him towards focusing on renewable energy where he represented big names in the solar business like Verengo and Solar Universe.  It was at this time that David became passionate about creating a sustainable planet.



Suzanne Herrmann is Managing Director of SJH Consulting, LLC. She delivers business strategies to a select clientele with truth, trust and transparency. Her book of business expands outside of North America, including South & Central America, Europe, India, GCC Countries, Australia, Africa and Asia. Suzanne is also a Registered Representative with the FINRA/SIPC member broker dealer StillPoint Capital, LLC. Miss Herrmann has served on my boards in the capacity of treasurer, needs assessment leader, and fundraiser. “I’m committed to conscious business and love serving the greater good of our planet”.

Advisors & Administration

Alika Atay

General Advisor

Alika serves as Maui County City Councilman, and an active participant in creating a more sustainable future for Maui and the planet.  He is an Indigenous Hawaiian descended from five generations of ‘ohana (family) on Maui alone.  Alina is part of Hoku Nui Maui (HNM) land management group, developing an innovative regenerative project on a 258-acre property on maui.  He is passionate about education for sustainable farming and a more sustainable planet.

Simon Russell

General Advisor

Simon serves as President of  Hawaiian Farmers Union United. He also farms and manages the farms on approximately 40 acres, using certified organic methods. President of the HFUU, the Haleakala Chapter, which boasts over 300 members.  Mr. Russell is also the Legislative Committee Chair for the HFUU, advocating and educating lawmakers on behalf of farmers statewide for over 3 years. In addition to all that, Simon represents Maui County as the Gubernatorial appointee to the Hawaii Board of Agriculture.


General Advisor

Endocrinologist (Diabetes and Hormones Specialist), Genetic Expert and Medical Researcher, Consultant to WHO, Consultant to the United States Congress, Maui District County Health Officer. Dr. Pang participates and speaks as a private citizen. For his 25 years with the World Health Organization, his job was to plan and design the evaluation of drugs; vaccines and diagnostics. Pang currently reviews research for the US Congress.  Dr. Pangs mission is to create solutions for a healthy sustainable planet.

William G. Meyer III

Intellectual Property Law Attorney

Bill began practicing business law in Hawai in 1979. His practice emphasizes intellectual property law (including copyright, trademark and right of publicity licensing and registration, entertainment, trade secret, art and advertising matters); government relations; real estate matters; and related dispute resolution including litigation, arbitration and mediation.

Sascha Bauml


Owner of MauiPro Media. Sascha started his career in music, touring professionally for over 20 years with legendary bands. He is an Award winning, composer, documentary and short film producer both as a Director and Director of Photography. He is also well known on Maui for his professional photography specializing in luxury homes.

Mya Awai

Special Events Coordinator


General Advisor

Reverend Don Regalmuto is a Sound Healer, music/video producer and dynamic agent of change. He is passionate about inhabiting an earth that is sustainable, just, and thriving. Don practices the Essene Sevenfold Path to Peace. Peace within our Earth, Spirit, Body, & Minds, Guided by the Angels of Power Love and Wisdom. Don recently has supported the Shaka movement with Social Media and Audio and video. Has worked and supported many environmental causes and social justice issues during his career as a audio and video producer and professional musician.


General Advisor

Heather Salmon is an inspiring healer, planetary priestess, cultural creative, agent of change and recording artist. Driven by a knowing that we can create a new way of being on Earth that is sustainable, just, and thriving, Heather’s passion is to inspire change through sharing lifestyle practices that cultivate peace and harmony!  She has worked on      numerous environmental and social justice issues throughout her career including Maui's GMO movement and has done extensive work with Pachamama Alliance's global leaders movement to undo racism and create a more just world.  She is also an Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium facilitator.


General Advisor

Mike pioneered the sports of  windsurfing, kiteboarding, and tow-in surfing as a professional athlete in Hawaii. He is also the director and co-founder of Namotu self- sustaining Island resort in Fiji, an “off the grid” island self sustaining in electricity, and water.

"One of the most important topics facing our small communities and our planet as a whole, is the education and preservation of organic, sustainable, real food farming.”  "It's time to wake up. We are what we eat."

Bruce Douglas

General Advisor

Bruce, a loved member of the maui community,  is a great visionary with a passion creating a sustainable planet.  He is the founder and visionary behind the Shaka Movement and non-GMO moratorium, as well as the founder of the Maui Community Farmland Initiative.   Bruce was played an intricate part in running the “ohana candidate”       campaigning responsible for electing 4 key candidates, standing for a more sustainable Maui, onto the 2016 city council.  Bruce is an owner of the popular Mandal store in Paia, designer of Mandal Creations (clothing line), and owner/builder for Mandala Eco-Homes. He is a long term resident of Maui, who values his family, and friendships.  He is also a proud new grandfather!  “love, live, be, and always do the best that you can.”

Peter Kater

General Advisor

Peter Kater has recorded over 60 albums resulting in the sales of millions of units, has scored the music for more than 100 television and film productions as well as a dozen dramatic plays (on and off Broadway), and is the proud recipient of many awards including the Environment Leadership Award from the United Nations and 12 Grammy Award nominations.

Austin Huto

Intern/Media Specialist

Austin (18) was born and raised on Maui, HI.  He attends Kihi Charter High School.  He first became interested in Media through the Akaku Project Ybeam (youth broadband education and awarness mentoring) and went on to work for Akaku AYME where he produced mobile journalistic stories.  He soon after became an Akaku media technician for Maui Youth Weekly TV series.  With a keen interest in enviornmental issues and sustainability Asutin decided to utilize his talent to help make a difference in the world and joined the NAKiD TRUTH team in August, 2016.

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